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I am Ashley N. Jackson.

"you don't get too choose if you get hurt in this world.. but you do have some say in who hurts you.."

I am 21, from the US-of-A and I am one hell of a hopeful romantic~

I am in love withbooks, music and anime, and I'm obsessed with Harry Potter. I love tattoos and piercings of all kinds, and have plenty of my own.

I am a recovering anorexic and live with clinical depression and anxiety. I say these things because I want you to know I am here for you if you are ever in need of anything!!

I am an aspiring runner and artist, and either spend my free time on Tumblr, reading or daydreaming.

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So I’m sure you recognize this as one of the epic moments from “The Prince of Egypt” where we see the super majestic whale as they cross through the Red Sea. However I noticed just one little issue: whale tales don’t move from side to side, they move up and down. And then it hit me, that’s not a whale. That’s not a whale. It’s a motherfucking SHARK. A BIG ASS MEGALODONIAN SHARK. WAITING IN THE WATER TO EAT THE PHARAOH’S SOLDIERS. Goddamn, Dreamworks.


do u ever forget to sleep or eat or drink water or something and ur like “oh shit yeah I need that to live”

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